Направи запитване !!!

About us

Boriana -JSC is specialized in production of outer ladies' and men's knitwear clothing. The main range of articles is as follows: pullovers, shirts, T-shirts, cardigans, vests, skirts, trousers etc. For the production of our goods we use different knitting yarns- acryl, wool/acryl, cotton/acryl, acryl/ viscose etc.

BORIANA - JSC, Cherven briag was founded in 1968.

Boriana has entire /closed/ production-technological cycle- design, development of samples and production of outer knitwear clothing.

There are working 170 good qualified employees and specialists in the company, 10 of them are dip. textile engineers.

The organization of the production-technological process enables production of small series of goods.

Boriana developes and produces / fully outsourced product / for well known foreign companies: Otto Group, Musterbrand , Canda , Suprema, Hannes Roehter, K-mail - Robert Klingel,Dress Master,Dinovo Bekleidungskonzepte, Kwintet Germany,Eismann Tiefkuht-Heimservice, TEWI, Glahn Bekleidungskonzepte,CWS-boco, Armor Lux, Janine Pauporte, E.Miroglio etc.

We make also a finished product, with our material according to the client's demand.

Boriana is also specialized in the production of printed articles- thermotransfer printing on knitted parts. We have our own thermal transfer -press for production of such items.

We are enclosing herewith a list with our machines.


The company has a computer systems SIRIX for technological development of knitting programs and management of the machinery. A team of highly specialized technologists and knitters ensure the development of prototypes, production of commercial samples and series production.

Knitted pieces are ironed to ROLLEX with steam or not , according to the model’s technology. After the quality control the pieces go in to the sewing department.

Sewing department

The prototypes and commercial samples are developed in the samples section of the company, and there are preparing cuts. The department has well-equipped cutting section and sewing machines.

Thermotransfer printing

Company Boriana is also specialized in the production of printed articles – thermotransfer printing on knitted parts. The company owns thermotransfer-press for production of such items.

Finishing equipment

Boriana has a modern equipment for finishing – ironing- steam tables, tree head press, steam manikin etc. Washing- washing machine Electrolux for industrial washing and drying.

Boriana is situated in Cherven briag, which is 130 km north-east from Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. There is very good transport network between Cherven briag and Sofia-motorway HEMUS and railway connection.

If you are interested in our production, please contact us or visit our company. We will be happy to welcome you to Boriana.